Oct 7th – Early Week Readings

Early Week Reading – Oct 6th, 2013

  • Multi-Region DynamoDB (link)
  • Software design defect cripples Health care website (link)
  • Twitter does make money in data business – no news here! but interesting read(link)
  • Interesting bio: Tracy Hall, who invented Synthetic Diamond (link). He was awarded $10 US savings bond by his employer GE, and GE went on to make billions using the materials created by this invention.
  • Instant classic football – Broncos vs Cowboys (link)
    • Great game of football. Was a treat to watch, points raining down from both sides in the intense battle to win. Final 100 seconds literally changed the game.
  • Alternative use for social media – Gangwars fueled by Social Media (link)
  • Dark Valley of Hadoop or rather generally Big Data – good read (link)
  • Innovation is not just about new products (link)

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