Early Week Readings – Nov 15,2021

  • Apple’s Relentless Strategy, Execution, and Point of View. Apple’s announcement of “Apple Silicon” is important for many reasons. Delivering on such an undertaking is the result of remarkable product engineering.(Learning By Shipping)
  • Qualcomm is researching machine learning at the edge. So far, ML at the edge has only involved inference, the process of running incoming data against an existing model to see if it matches. Training the algorithm still takes place in the cloud. But Qualcomm has been researching ways to make the training of ML algorithms at the edge less energy-intensive, which means it could happen at the edge. (StacyOnIoT)
  • Wi-Fi HaLow is now certified and ready for action. About five and half years ago the Wi-Fi Alliance announced that it was planning a new Wi-Fi standard just for the IoT. It was dubbed Wi-Fi HaLow and the IEEE standard was called 802.11ah. The whole goal of the new standard was to tackle the high power consumption of traditional Wi-Fi and to have the signals stretch over longer ranges.(StacyOnIot)
  • Tableau Pledges to Train 10 Million Data People. With demand for data skills outpacing supply, data skills are no longer exclusively essential for data scientists or technical roles — to build truly data-driven organizations, employees across the entire enterprise must be data literate. This will help companies become data-driven and strengthen the Tableau Economy – a rapidly growing ecosystem of businesses, tech partners and people leading the world’s data transformations. (Tableau Blog)
  • Why We Forgive Humans More Readily Than Machines. Today, much of that moralizing is not aimed at the wrong pair of socks but at AI and at those who create it. Often the outrage is justified. AI has been involved in wrongful arrestsbiased recidivism scores, and multiple scandals involving misclassified photos or gender-stereotypical translations. And for the most part, the AI community has listened. Today, AI researchers are well aware of these problems and are actively working to fix them. (Scientific American)
  • A Half Century Later, the Journey of Apollo 8 Still Inspires. It’s hard to believe Apollo 8’s voyage around the moon had originally been scheduled as a less audacious Earth-orbit mission to test the whole moonship “flotilla”: the monstrous, still problem-prone Saturn 5 booster, along with the recently redesigned, and only once-flown-by-astronauts Apollo command ship, which was fashioned to carry a three-person crew to and from Earth and into moon orbit. For a landing, it was to fly in tandem with a lunar lander that would ferry two astronauts to and from the moon’s surface. (Scientific American)

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