Amazon’s set-top-box!

Amazon is going to release set-top-box for the holidays (link).

One more set top box from yet another vendor? Don’t we have enough already with Roku, AppleTV, Google ChromeCast and various devices from small players? I would like to see someone release a full-fledged TV DVR plus streaming device like SageTV(other than Tivo). I’ve been using SageTV and its Media Extender STP-HD300 for the last three years with no issues and loving it. I’ve spent zero dollar with Comcast or Dish since then.

SageTV uses desktop PC as the media server to control HD HomeRun, over-the-air TV tuner, using regular ethernet cables and streams live/recorded TV to the HD300 box sitting next to the TV/Home theater system. I don’t see a good alternative to this powerful system right now, and I’m worried if something happens to my computer or to the little wonder box HD300 (already 3 years old) I would end up either loosing access to TV altogether or cut my pride and subscribe to Dish/Comcast.

When Google acquired SageTV last year, the hope was that they’ll make it better by integrating more services, kill the Google TV  and replace it with “Google powered” SageTV. Whatever happened to that hope and to SageTV!!! Can someone take up the SageTV flag and help those occasional TV watchers save some dough? I don’t see any other option, short of Tivo that charges $15/m just for the service and TVGuide?  Give me choice folks!

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