This Week’s Readings: Sept 12, 2014

  • Data Lake, Data Reservoir, Data Hub, Data Dump… (link)
    • Agree with Bill Schmarzo here. Who really cares what you call the place where you store all the data in an enterprise? As long as you truly use and know how to get value out of it.
  • Last night me and my son (Anish) got a sandwich to go from a  restaurant near our house (The melt). I thought it was a cool restaurant, but didn’t realize it was funded by Sequoia and has Ron Johnson (former Apple retail chief and former CEO of JC Penney) as one of the BOD. Here is an interesting blurb from gawker about the $10m VC funding event (gawker)
  • Many a times companies frown upon employees working virtually. I believe this trend is changing rapidly with the new technology and knowledge workers prefer to work from distant locations where they can spend more time with their family, work more productively, live cheaply and with flexible hours.
  • Linux Hackers Rebuild Internet from Silicon Valley Garage (wired)
    • Misleading title but makes for an interesting read
  • The man who build a computer the size of the entire internet (wired)
    • Another over the top title, but this one at least has some truth behind it. I like what docker is trying to do.

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