Mid week readings – Dec 10, 2014

  • Finding Alibaba: How Jerry Yang made the lucrative bet in silicon valley history (link)
    • Fascinating reading about the history of two companies, especially the relationship between Jerry Yang and Jack Ma. It also shows how great business decisions are carried out by nascent people-to-people connection.
  • Anonymous messaging app Yik Yak raises $61m funding round. Interesting read about this company here (Chicago Maroon).
  • There is a quite a bit of confusion about data science, especially analytics vs predictive analytics. Good read here (link)
  • Shopify is an interesting startup with 120,000 customers and more than $5B in business transactions enabled for its customers. However, not many people never really heard of. Including myself until recently.
    • Read about Shopify here (link).
  • Have you ever wondered how Amazon WebService (AWS) operates? How big it is?
    • Rare peak into massive scale of AWS (link)
  • There seems to be not a single day passes without hearing about Uber in the news, positive or negative. As a business they’ve been very successful in setting strategy to go after their customers and compete with Lyft.
    • Read about some of the stuff here (link)

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