July 21 – Early Week Readings

  • Why Surface RT failed and iPad didn’t (NYT)
    • A telling lesson on why too many options is not necessarily a good thing
  • Tiny lasers will speed up future computers (ars)
  • Apple TV: Cooperating with content providers (NYT)
  • Economics 101: Killing America (salon)
    • Economics is not science, agree to that
  • 10 mind blowing technologies that will appear by 2030 (io9)
  • Why retailers ask for ZipCode when you checkout (forbes)
    • Ofcourse for marketing purpose.. but can lead to unexpected consequences
  • This debate never dies off
    • Charcoal grilling is better than gas (wired)
    • Gas grilling is better than charcoal (wired)
  • Finance set to surpass tech as the most profitable industry (usatoday)
  • Which investment is better: Hollywood or Siliconvalley (NYT)
  • History of Apps pricing, why most apps are free (flurry)
  • How Windows monopoly is getting destroyed (BI)
  • Give me back my iPhone (slate)

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July 17, Mid-Week Readings

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Mid-Week: Reads

Mid-Week Readings:

  • Unexpected use for Enron emails – BigData! (MIT Tech Review)
  • Tech spending will reach $3.7 trillion in 2013, Gartner predicts (AllthingsD)
  • How Apple and IBM learned to change with times (USANews)
  • The essential WallStreet summer reading list (NYT)
  • What’s wrong with technology fixes (BostonReview)
  • Why doesn’t Apple enable sustainable business on the AppStore (Stratechery)
  • Pandora paid over $1300 not $16 for playing one million songs (Link)
  • How to give a killer presentation – a story of “lion lights”. Inspiring (HBR)
Mid-Week Watch list:
  • Art of choosing: Fascinating book about the choices we make. Quick intro by author (Columbia U’s Sheela Iyengar)  (video

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