Oct 11 – Weekend Readings

  • How Jeff Bezos crushed Diaper.com so Amazon could buy it (link)
  • The Cloudera Model – Mike Olson (link)
  • Counter point to above post: Build to Last – MapR’s business model (link)
  • Does Open Source raise spell end of traditional SW (link)
  • GE’s Jeff Immelt – Analytics Lessons Learned (link)
  • Big Data to help you get in shape (link)
  • Company of the week: DWave Systems – pioneer in quantum computing (link). Fascinating read about their technology here.
    • One day in future we  all will be benefitting from quantum computers in one form or other. Good to learn about the advancements being made in this field. Though there are “research” projects in the works, DWave is the first commercial attempt (that I know of) to bring quantum computing to the market. Take note Intel!.

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