Mid-Week Reading: Nov 25, 2015 (Thanksgiving Weekend)

  • Will REI’s Closure on Thanksgiving and Black Friday Pay Dividends?  (nbcnews)
    • I don’t usually shop at REI but this year they earned my respect with this decision to close their shop on Black Friday and paying their customers to spend time with family. Applause. Finally a corporation realized retail workers also human beings that deserve to spend time with their families. Way to go REI.
  • Dell-EMC Deal Facing Issues On Multiple Fronts (TechCrunch)
  • Inside the Sony Hack (Slate)
    • What it was like to be a rank-and-file Sony employee as the unprecedented cyberattack tore the company apart.
  • Facebook, Amazon, Netflix and Google created more than $440B value over 2015 (VisualCapitalist)
  • The Asteroid Huntersb (PopularMechanics)
    • It’s highly unlikely that a gigantic space rock will crash through our atmosphere and destroy civilization as we know it. But it’s not impossible either. Which is why a small but growing community of scientists and astronomers are scrambling to spot and destroy dangerous asteroids long before they hit us
  • Yahoo’s CEO is running out of time to turn things around (MercuryNews)
  • One of the Largest Hacks Yet Exposes Data on Hundreds of Thousands of Kids (MotherBoard)

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