Early Week Readings: Nov 23, 2015

Morning coffee and readings:

  • How The Golden State Warriors Are Breaking The NBA (Link)
    • Nate Silver: European sports tend to be more capitalist by nature, while their American counterparts tend to be more socialist.
    • Possible exception is Steph Curry!!!
  • Thanksgiving Flight Patterns (NYT-Upshot)
  • The Keys to Scaling Yourself as a Technology Leader (Firstround.com)
  • Curt Monash’s blog about Xplain.io’s (a company I helped jumpstart and also served as VP of Product Management/marketing until we sold it to Cloudera) technology after it was released as “Cloudera Navigator Optimizer” (DBMS2).
  • Jeff Bezos’s Blue Origin Succeeds in Landing Spent Rocket Back on Earth (WSJ)
  • A Car Dealers Won’t Sell: It’s Electric (NYT)
  • Most of What You Learned in Econ 101 Is Wrong (Bloomberg)

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