Term 4 ended today and… Term 5 started already!!

Today is the last day of the Globalization Block week. I was wondering if Prof.Stiglitz going to be in the class today. Sure enough, it was only Prof.Greenwald discussing the Benetton and Tricon cases. I was under the impression that the class is going to end at 2:30. However, Prof.Greenwald ended the class before noon. We didn’t get a chance to discuss Tricon case. He just gave us summary and key learnings from the case. I saw Prof.Stiglitz outside uris hall talking with couple other professors. I had his book “Globalization and its discontents” ready with for getting his autograph. They were discussing something quite seriously. I thought about asking for an autograph but gave up the idea at the last minute.

Received an email from Prof.Goodson with course syllabus and case readings for Block 1 of M&A classes. He has the “world’s largest syllabus”, his words!.

Term 5 starts now…

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