Globalization Block week

Well it is already fourth day of Globalization block week. It was mostly lectures by Prof.Stiglitz today. I had to send out couple of emails and look at some of the PE documents. I was thinking about sitting in the simulcast room the program setup for auditors. When I went to the room, I was surprised to see around 15 people sitting there. From what I learnt, it consisted of mostly people who are taking the class for credit.

Prof.Stiglitz’s lecture was interesting today. He talked about global IP regimes, IMF, SDR etc. He suggested the idea of giving all the countries a certain amount of SDRs and taxing them on the surplus. There were plenty of questions on the topic from students. I couldn’t comprehend how this will work? How to divvy up SDRs to countries?

I got a chance to talk to Prof.Greenwald in the walkway. He was waiting it out during Prof.Stiglitz lecture. I got Prof.Greenwald’s autograph in his book and also a photo with him.

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