Mid-week: Nov 10,2015

  • Netflix open sourced its internal cloud management platform “Spinnaker” that can manage Amazon, Google and Azure (Link)
  • Startup board meetings that suck – by Fred Destin (Link)
  • If you are Mac user this might be interesting to browse for few min to understand the features Apple is bringing to Keynote, Pages and Numbers. I use these programs from time to time, but invariably resort to MS Office 15 for anything I need to share with external parties. Worth reading though (Ars Technica)
  • Coffee drinkers rejoice.
    • How coffee can help you live longer? (Time)
  • Not that it has anything to do with Technology or business, but can’t help wonder the state of mind for the “Satis” mentioned in this article.
  • Lies, damned lies and running a business (Financial Times)
  • Trying to understand Hadoop? Start from here: 16 resources to learn Hadoop (Link)

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