End of the week reads: Nov 20, 2015

  • Google buys Diane Greene’s startup Bebop, makes her the head of its whole cloud business (VentureBeat)
  • If you are interested in distribution computing/HPC this is a great read from Adaptive Computing.
  • Uber Is Not the Future of Work. Gig-enabling apps are a distraction from the uncertainties that affect far more people: Will workers get paid enough and are their jobs safe? (The Atlantic)
  • Microsoft to release Quantum Computing Simulator to the public, letting you explore the future on your laptop (Link)
  • Snake venom may help save lives in the operating theatre (Economist)
  • The email habits of Tim Cook, Bill Gates, and 11 other successful people (Business Insider)
  • PETA, Ferguson, jihad, Doctor Who, rape, and kitten pics: the toxoplasma of online rage (new statesman)
    • A study of how anger on the internt is born, lives and regenerates.

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