Sept 24, 2016: TeqBiz Today

  • Eleven reasons to be excited about the future of technology. (medium – Chris Dixon)
    • Pretty good list of technologies.
    • Though he missed couple of exciting ones such as:
      • Quantum computing
      • Stem Cells
      • Gene Editing
      • 3D bio-printing.
  • Are Silicon Valley’s Chaos Makers Smart or Insane? (FEE)
  • Oracle has announced that they are bringing the same public cloud infrastructure to enterprise private cloud (Forbes).
    • Meaning, an enterprise can deploy the same tools/hardware that Oracle uses in their public cloud offering. Given an incentive for enterprises to familiarize themselves with the Oracle cloud environment and then move to public cloud whenever they feel comfortable.
    • Smart move on Oracle’s part.
    • Little noticed feature, but one that will have bigger impact on the cloud world in general and for oracle in particular
    • Check out this pdf for more detail.
  • The law of accelerating returns (Ray Kurzweil)
    • Steve Jurvetson called this graph the most important graph ever produced.

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