Presto Linux Reviewed

Desktop Linux has been around for a while now. Ubuntu was touted as the challenger for windows dominance for a long time. However, Presto might potentially be the David that slays the Goliath (MS-Windows).

Last night I downloaded and installed Presto from Xandros. It is an EeePC or NetBook kind of OS for the systems that already has windows installed. It is meant to be used as an supplement OS on low powered computers and

Requires an existing windows xp installation, not a standalone OS, requires windows already installed in the computer. A simple window shows all the installed applications and a link to appstore that has other applications, commercial and free, that you can install. Installation is snap, without needing to download and running installation. Click on install and Presto downloads it and installs it for you. Uninstallation is as simple as right clicking on the program and select remove.

It addresses the target market very well.
For quick browsing, not so savvy computer users (elderly, kids)
No commmand line interface
Graphics resolutions is very limited
First tries to connect to LAN before trying to connect wireless. Wastes few more seconds to connect to wireless
Window switching is confusing.
Impressively simple user interface for anyone new to computers to use.
No plugins to download in firefox, it comes with flash player so that you can immediatly start using youtube and other video sharing websites. IN summary any website that will work with Firefox will be fine, other websites that require windows may not be accessible.
No minimize button in any windows…

For advanced users…alt-ctl-t will bring up the console.

Is it worth $20? I would think yes, it can make your mom happy and it will make that old laptop in the closet you paid $900 usable again. I was thinking of buying a netbook, spend $300. Instead spend $20 and make that laptop usable again.

Application Store:
For additional applications, we can download from application store. Simple to install and run. Has host of free applications.

Tips 1: Use the “Windows User” directory to store important files.

Sony Vaio : 1min 45 sec

Minimalistic Battery Indicator showed that the battery has 3 min of juice left in it.

Boot into Windows XP
Click on Start->Run
type “msconfig”
this will launch “System Configuration Utility”
Select “BOOT.INI” tab
Select “C:\grldr.mbr=”Xandros Presto”
Notice “Set as Default” button highlighted. Click on it to make the Presto the default boot.
If needed change the “Timeout” from default 30 seconds to 10 seconds. This will speed up the overall booting
Click “OK”.
Restart the system.

Specification for Dell 700m –


Does it consume less power than full fledged OS?

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