Mounting Samba shares in Linux client

Samba shares cannot be nfs mounted in the linux client. They have to be mounted using smbmount or mount -t smbfs option. To do this, check to see if the smbfs package has been installed in your system. If not, install the smbfs package by doing the following.

#apt-get install smbfs

Note: In my case I had a latest version of samba-common package that the one required by the smbfs in the apt repository. I removed the samba-common package by doing “apt-get remove samba-common”. Then proceeded with the above mentioned command.

Once the installation is done, check to make sure you have “smbmount” installed in /usr/bin directory.
Issue the following command.
#smbmount // /home/kriss/nfsvideo -o username=kriss,dmask=77,fmask=777

Note: My samba share in the server exports “/home/video” directory as “video” share. Don’t provide the complete path for the share directory, just provide the share name as above. Replace “kriss” with the user name in the server.

You will be asked for the password the username you specified. Once it is successful you will see the share mounted in the local directory (/home/kriss/nfsvideo). :

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