Is iPad really "Jesus Tablet"?

Apple pushed the shipping date of iPad from March 17th to April 2nd. No body knows the reason, it is one more example of Apple’s famous secretive culture. The rumor is that, Apple couldn’t source enough components to manufacture for the anticipated demand. Well, is that really true or are there are bugs that apple is trying to resolve? Even if we take the rumor at the face value, is Apple’s supply chain that weak not to anticipate the demand? There are also rumors that say iPad pre-orders are not as strong as expected. So is it the case of “wait till we reach” the predicted, impressive pre-order rate? A sort of ego issue for Apple to reach certain number of pre-orders before start shipping them?

I‘m not going to buy iPad for three, out of many, reasons:

1. eReader: It is not. In my book, eReader (Amazon Kindle or B&N’s Nook) should have e-ink, paper like, display. iPad has traditional LCD display which doesn’t qualify as eBook reader. Prolonged reading on this device will have same effect as any prolonged reading in laptop will have on your eyes.

2. iPhone OS: Did any one tell Apple that this OS is single threaded? Except iPhone OS all other OSs, (Android, Windows 7 Mobile, WebOS) in the mobile space are multi-threaded. Why do I care? It is annoying enough in iPhone for me to detest the single threaded OS. For example, let us say If I’m playing a game in iPhone and in the middle of the game I want to look at some information in Wikipedia. iPhone OS closes the game and launches the browser. Everytime I switch between these two the application closes the one that I’m using and launches the one I’m switching to. This means, the wikipedia page reloads everytime and the game relaunches every time. Quite annoying, how many OSs in the world are single threaded now?

3. Over priced: The price of decently featured iPad stands at $900. I could buy a nice multi-touch Windows 7 tablet laptop from Dell,HP or even Lenovo for little bit more. In fact, I already own the Dell XT2 Tablet which is a charm and zippy with the new Intel SSD disk.

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