May 22, 2016: Early Week’s Readings

  • ESPN explains how Nike lost Steph Curry to Under Armour (benzinga)
    • Perfect example of not paying attention to details when talking to customers. Apparently, Nike executives misprounced Steph’s name and had Kevin Duran’t name in one of the cookie cutter slides.
    • Now Steph Curry is worth to Under Armour is a whopping $14Billion USD and growing!
    • I’m noticing lot more Under Armour gears whenever I go to any of the kid’s games and NBA games.
    • Lesson, “If you don’t treat your customers and partners right, somebody else will”.
  • This Princeton Professor posted his CV of Failures for the world to see (CNBC)
  • How game theory can help you do a better job of parenting (

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