Violent Death in the Animal World: Stunning Photography | Scienceray

Violent Death in the Insect World: Stunning Photography | Scienceray

Awesome photographies with awesome quotes. This page shows how complex the life is and how wonderful to be a human. This article again proves that food and reproduction are the basic instincts of any life form. Of course both actions could be either construed as gross or beautiful depending on how you look at it.

On the contrary, the following is a disturbing video put out by PETA. Warning: It is extremely graphic.
After watching the above, the following video shows how cruel the exotic animal skin trade makes the animals to suffer. I don’t have problem watching gory videos with blood, but this video troubled me a lot. I’ll definitely think twice/thrice before buying any leather products. This video makes the above photographs beautiful in retrospect, don’t you agree?

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