May 22, 2016: Early Week’s Readings

  • ESPN explains how Nike lost Steph Curry to Under Armour (benzinga)
    • Perfect example of not paying attention to details when talking to customers. Apparently, Nike executives misprounced Steph’s name and had Kevin Duran’t name in one of the cookie cutter slides.
    • Now Steph Curry is worth to Under Armour is a whopping $14Billion USD and growing!
    • I’m noticing lot more Under Armour gears whenever I go to any of the kid’s games and NBA games.
    • Lesson, “If you don’t treat your customers and partners right, somebody else will”.
  • This Princeton Professor posted his CV of Failures for the world to see (CNBC)
  • How game theory can help you do a better job of parenting (

Apr 2, 2016: Week’s readings

  • Tesla Model 3 Released: inside Elon Musk’s dream car (verge)
  • Microsoft releases preview of new Azure ‘serverless compute’ service to take on AWS Lambda (ZDNet)
  • Richest and Poorest countries in the world (visualcapitalist)
  • Postmates launches Amazon Prime Style subscription service, hits 1 million monthly deliveries (TechCrunch)
  • Whistle’s “Fitbit for dogs” acquired by Mars Petcare (TechCrunch)
    • Wow, not bad for a quick follower.
  • Emotional and psychological risk of investing (marketwatch)

Early Week’s readings: Dec 14, 2015


  • Here’s a 99-page shareholder presentation on why Yahoo needs to fire Marissa Mayer (BusinessInsider)
  • Why 2015 Was a Breakthrough Year in Artificial Intelligence (Bloomberg)
  • All the Product Reviews Money Can Buy (NYT)
    • How the anonymity of internet hurts or benefits online/local retailers?
  • Google Ventures Owns Part of Several Unicorns, but the Biggest (And Trickiest) Is Uber (Recode)
  •  Costco has one secret that makes it ‘Amazon-proof’ (BusinessInsider)
  • What if? Whether to kill baby Hitler might be a political firecracker, but can counterfactuals say anything deeper about the past?(
  • Why Wall Street Loves — And Should Fear — Google’s New Supercomputer (

Early-Week Readings: Dec 7, 2015

  • Microsoft’s quantum computer simulator: A glimpse into the future of computers (TechRepublic)
  • How search engines make us feel smarter than we really are (boingboing)
  • TensorFlow: Google open sources the machine learning library that drives products like Inbox and enables pure research(Dzone).
  • The Last 90 VC-Backed Tech IPOs Have Dramatically Underperformed the Market (all in one chart) (ClimateerInvesting)
  • What Happens When There Are Fewer Suckers at the Poker Table? (link)
  • The world’s tallest building will be one kilometer high (verge)
  • Corporate directors – among the highest paid part-time employees in america (bostonglobe)
  • Your next business partner should come with a prenup – Scott Kupor (Fortune)