About Me

I’m a student of applying technology to solve problems in business and personal lives. Very fortunate to live in the highly dynamic Silicon Valley, where some of the smartest minds keep churning out mind boggling innovations to enhance our lives. Everyday I learn a lot just by listening to some of the smartest minds in existence. In these pages, I’ll try to share few of the things I’m excited about on a daily basis.

In my free time, I spend reading non-fiction and playing with my two sons. I’m a gadget freak and amateur photographer (mostly portraits, sports and in-animate subjects). I follow San Francisco 49rs and Golden State Warriors two of Silicon Valley’s iconic teams (not so much of a baseball fan! Sorry SF Giants). When I’ve time I love coaching 6-8th grade basketball AAU team, go South Bay Hustles and also play the role of official SBH photo/videographer (Highlight reel).
Standard disclaimer: Views expressed in this blog are my personal views only, not a reflection of the organization I work for.

(Saravana Krishnamurthy)
Business and Technology Executive
LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/kriss
Twitter: @krishdpi
Silicon Valley, CA.